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If you have LOVE,

you dont need to

have anything else,

and if you dont

have it, it doesnt

matter much what

else you have.

Romantic Sms

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Just Do Not Get Wet

Just Be Set, Let Your

Worries Wash Away

With Every Drop That

Falls Happy Rainy Day

Rainy Day SMS

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You’ll never gain everyone’sĀ approval.

Instead of focusing on people’s approval,

focus on Allah’s approval.

Islami Sms

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Last night I went to bed without u.

Cold, thinking of u,

Missing ur warmth,

Your soft touch against my skin.

Where were u last night?

My blanket…

Naughty Sms

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Congratulation on

your wedding

Wish you happy

life with each other

Keep smile and

love each other

Marriage Sms

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In most cases,

Marriage is the only

Union that can’t

be organized.

Both sides think



Marriage Sms

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Sometimes in Our Life We Play With Love


When d Time Comes


U Realize dat U Want 2 Get Serious,

Game Changes, Love Plays With Ur Life.

Love Sms

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Will be the earth that

holds you.

I will be the light to

guide you.

I will search the world

to find you.

I Love You So Much.

I Love You Sms

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Wife (SMS) : Hi Baby…

Husband : Hii Darling… (sending failed)

Husband : Yes Yes… I am here (sending failed)

Wife : R U ignoring me or wat ?

Husband : Honey I m not… I am trying to reply you (sending failed)

Wife : Its over… don’t ever talk to me again…

Husband : Ja mar (Message sent)

Admi Galat nahi hote, haalaat galat hote hai.

Husband Wife Sms

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I don’ care if the sun doesn’t set

I don’t care if the moon doesn’t shine

I don’t care if the world stops spinning

As long as i am yours and you are mine…

Husband Wife Sms