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  1. 2 Girls Sitting Quite..
  2. Wife Not Asking For Money..
  3. Girlfriend Paying The Bill..
  4. Girls Going Out Without Make-Up..
  5. Boys Saying I Love Only 1 Girl..

Funny Sms

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Teacher: What is ur name?

Student: My name is Beautiful Red Underwear.

Teacher: Unn..!! dont joke.! tell me the right name..!

Student: My name is Sundrlal Chadda.

Funny Sms

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Interviewer: What is a skeleton?

Sardar: Sir, skeleton is a person

who started dieting, but forgot

to stop it!!

Funny Sms

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Boy and girl in restaurant:

Boy: I love you

Girl: I do not love you.

Boy: Think again?

Girl: No no and no

Boy: waiter, bring separate bills.

Girl: ok ok. I Love You Too.😃

Boys Vs Girls sms

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Boy to Girl: Are You Sure Your Name Is

Not Google!

Girl Answeres: No, Of Course Not, Why ?!!

Boy: Because You Have Everything That I

Am Searching For

Boys Vs Girls sms

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“Read Carefully And Get The Meaning”…

“Minimum Love is Friendship”


“Maximum Friendship is Love”

Strange But True…!!

Decent Messages

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Accept your pas

without regrets,

handle your present

with confidence,

and face your future

without fear.

Decent Messages

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A man asks his wife:

Can I come in your ear?

She says: NO, I might go deaf!

He says: Funny, I always cum in

your mouth but you never shut the

fuck up!

Adult sms

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Boy: Our principal is so stupid.

Girl: Don’t you know who i am?

Boy: No.

Girl: i’m the principal’s daughter.

Girl: No.

Boy: Good (walks away)

Adult sms

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Wife to husband:Did you have any girl friend before marriage?

Husband: remains silent.

Wife:what is the meaning for the silence?

Husband: don’t disturb while counting….hahaha😃

Adult sms