Sms Ki Dunya Posts

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Wishing You

a New Year filled

with new Hope,

new joy &

new Beginnings.

New Year Sms

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Every Rain Drop Would Be

One Of Your Smile.

I Wish That It Rains Heavily

Through out.

So, That.

There’s No Space For Tears

Your Life.

Happy Rainy Day

Rainy Day SMS

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Betaab sy rehte hain teri yaad me aksar

Shab bhar nhi soty teri yaad me aksar

Jisam me dard ka bahana sa bana ka

Hum toot ka roty hain teri yaad me aksar

I Miss You G

Miss You SMS

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ek larke ne Google per Search karne kalia ya lakha,

Place in pakistan where Electricity Available for 24 hours,

Google ne jawab dia,

Bandia da potar ban keyon system Hang karna wa.😝

Funny Urdu Sms

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You are the one that

my heart has chosen

and my heart is never wrong.

I Love You Sweet Heart

Romantic Sms

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English teacher: Make a sentence using neither-nor?

Boy: When girls wear tight fitting dresses, neither are

the comfortable nor we.

Naughty Sms

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My heart problem has reached a critical stage.

The doctor says there are only 2 options left,



U C ME.😜

Flirt Sms

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Allah will make

everything beautiful

at the right place,

at the right time,

for the best reason.

Always have faith in Allah.

Islami Sms

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Khushi Se Bite Har Din,

Har Shuhani Raat Ho,

Jis Taraf Aapke Kadem Pade,

Waho Phoolo ki Barashat Ho,

Wishing You…

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Sms

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A – You are Attractive,

B – You are the Best,

C – You are Cute,

D – You are Dear to Me,

E – You are Excellent,

F – You are Funny,

G – You are Good-Looking,

H – Hehehe

I – I’m,

J – Joking,

Happy April Fool Day!

April Fool Sms